Will you help? Let's raise awareness for WED/RLS!

September 23 is WED/RLS Awareness Day. Let's raise awareness during the month of September.  You can help raise awareness of Willis-Ekb...

September 23 is WED/RLS Awareness Day. Let's raise awareness during the month of September. You can help raise awareness of Willis-Ekbom disease/restless legs syndrome (WED/RLS) by picking to do 3-4 items from the list below. Feel free to challenge yourself and others to check off more items on the list.
  1. Become a WED Foundation member (https://www.willis-ekbom.org/join-the-wed-foundation). 
  2. Get a friend to like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Willis-Ekbom-Disease-Foundation). 
  3. Visit the blog (wedinfo@blogspot.com) and comment on a guest blogger post. 
  4. Write a blog post on WED/RLS on your own personal blog page. 
  5. Sign up for our monthly Efriends (https://www.willis-ekbom.org/member-login). 
  6. Take the new diagnostic tool survey on our website (http://www.willis-ekbom.org/wed-rls-diagnostic-tool). 
  7. Make a gift in honor or memory of someone special to the WED Foundation (https://www.willis-ekbom.org/donate-today). 
  8. Purchase a WED/RLS awareness pin (https://www.willis-ekbom.org/about-the-foundation/store). 
  9. Purchase a WED/RLS Wordle canvas print to display in your home or work place. 
  10. Contact your local newspaper’s health editor, and ask him/her to write a piece about Willis-Ekbom diease/restless legs syndrome (WED/RLS). 
  11. Share your WED/RLS story with your Facebook friends. 
  12. Change your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo to reflect WED/RLS. See Foundation’s Facebook page for a cover photo. 
  13. Write a letter to the editor to your local newspaper or TV station. 
  14. Tweet about the WED Foundation during Awareness Month (September). 
  15. Text your friends the WED Foundation’s website (www.willis-ekbom.org). 
  16. Join the discussion board (http://bb.rls.org/). 
  17. Send WED/RLS information, including old editions of NightWalkers, to your doctor’s office so other patients may benefit. 
  18. Be a guest blogger at www.wedinfo@blogspot.com by writing a personal story or creating an art image to share with the WED/RLS community. Submit your story to info@willis-ekbom.org and title the email Guest Blogger Request. 
  19. Request a free WED/RLS awareness bracelet and wear it the month of September. Email us at info@willis-ekbom.org and title the email Awareness Bracelet Request. 
  20. Offer old issues of your Nightwalkers to your local library for their magazine rack. 
  21. Create your own WED/RLS fundraiser on https://givemn.org/
  22. Email or mail us contact information of five (5) friends or family members to give them a free trial membership with the Foundation. Email us at info@willis-ekbom.org and title the email Trial Membership Requests. 
  23. Purchase and wear an apparel item from the WED Foundation to the local mall, park, hospital or community event. 
  24. Have your city put WED/RLS Awareness Day on the community calendar. 
  25. Design and create your own WED/RLS awareness t-shirt or tote bag to wear or carry around the month of September. 
  26. Ask your neighbors to leave their porch lights on overnight on September 23 to support the nightwalkers in your community. 
  27. Attend a WED/RLS support group meeting or reach out to a local volunteer. See upcoming meetings at http://willis-ekbom.org/connect-with-others/upcomingmeetings
  28. Ask your work place to hold a “wear jeans or slippers to work” on a Friday (or designated day) to collect donations from those that participate. 
  29. Hold a small fundraising event in your community to spread awareness of WED/RLS and raise money to support the Foundation’s mission. 
  30. Download, print and post WED/RLS posters in your community (schools, church, grocery stores, library, community centers and other billboard areas). 
  31. Call a friend or family member with WED/RLS to find out how they are doing. 
  32. Make and submit a WED/RLS awareness video. 
  33. Give the gift of WED Foundation Membership to family and friends. 
  34. Join in a free WED Foundation webinar. 
  35. Ask a friend or family member to join in on a foundation webinar. 
  36. Write a post on your Facebook account using the words WED/RLS Awareness day in your post on September 23rd. 
  37. Become a Support Group Leader or Contact. 
  38. Recommend to your WED/RLS healthcare provider that they become a member of our HCP Online Directory. 
  39. Host a, “Stomp out WED/RLS” jump rope party for school aged children to bring awareness of the disease in children and adolescents. 
  40. Ask local or national sports teams to announce or list on the jumbotron that today is WED/RLS Awareness Day 

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