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You Are Not Alone An Online Community Available 24/7 With the stress that the holidays can bring, it's a comfort to know that you...

You Are Not Alone

An Online Community Available 24/7

With the stress that the holidays can bring, it's a comfort to know that you are not alone in your struggles with RLS. The RLS Foundation's discussion board provides an avenue for individuals to post anonymously about their symptoms, treatments and other coping strategies. It is a supportive, hopeful environment for those who are looking to share their RLS stories with others who know exactly what they're going through.

The discussion board is run by five Foundation volunteers who serve as moderators. Topic areas currently include:

Physical Treatments
Non-drug therapies (methods of relief that don't involve swallowing or injecting anything), including compression, heat, light, stretches, acupuncture, etc.

Non-prescription Medicines, Supplements, Diet
Substances that are ingested, inhaled, or otherwise consumed for the purpose of relieving RLS, other than prescription medications. For example, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, diet, kratom, and marijuana (for now) should be discussed here. Tell others of successes, failures, side effects, and any known research on these substances.

Prescription Medications
Prescription drugs, iron injections, and other medical interventions that involve the introduction of a drug or medicine into the body. Discuss side effects, successes, failures, published research, information about drug trials, and information about new medications being developed.

Topic of the Year: Augmentation
The topic of the year 2015 for the RLS Foundation is Augmentation. Use this forum to discuss any issues associated with Augmentation

Special Populations: Pediatric, Pregnancy, Secondary, etc.
RLS occurs more frequently in certain populations, including people with end-stage renal disease, women during pregnancy, and people with iron deficiency. RLS in the elderly and children brings other challenges. Sharing your experiences may be extraordinarily helpful to others.

Help for Relationships
Share how living with this disease can and does impact your relationships. How do you cope? What questions to you have?

General Topics
For everything and anything else not covered in the other RLS/WED sections.

Everything Else... Just No RLS!
It's nice to realize that there is life beyond this disease and have an opportunity to get to know our online family in a different context.

To get started, learn more about the simple, free registration here. Questions or concerns? Contact the discussion board moderators at rlsfmods@rlsgroups.org.

Remember posts and information on the discussion board are based on personal experiences and recommendations; they should not be considered a substitute for the advice of a healthcare provider.

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