RLS Foundation Turns 25!

25 Things You Can Do on June 17 The RLS Foundation is made possible by generosity of the RLS community, and we wanted to take this opp...

25 Things You Can Do on June 17

The RLS Foundation is made possible by generosity of the RLS community, and we wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! Without your continued support, we would not have made the strides that we have today. Your donations go towards supporting our Research Grant Program, cultivating our RLS support group networks, allowing staff to travel to globally-recognized sleep medicine conferences, revamping our website, spreading awareness via social media, and much more.

Help us mark our 25th Anniversary on Saturday, June 17, by doing as many of these 25 things as you can to help us spread awareness, and ultimately find a cure for RLS!

  1. Join the party! Everyone is a member on June 17! Go to the Member Portal at www.rls.org
  2. Sign the Foundation Anniversary card
  3. Review RLSF on Charity Navigator to encourage others to support the RLSF cause
  4. Sign up a friend, family member or doctor to receive our monthly eFriends newsletter by email
  5. Join or renew your RLSF membership on June 17th for only $25 (back to our 1992 membership fee!)
  6. Ask your Facebook friends to “like” the RLS Foundation Facebook page
  7. Visit the RLSF blog and share your favorite blog post with a friend
  8. Make a gift to the RLS Foundation in honor or memory of someone who touched you on your RLS journey
  9. Purchase an RLS awareness magnet for your car & help to spread awareness
  10. Tweet your “Happy 25th Anniversary RLSF” message using #RLSF25
  11. Join the conversation on the RLS Foundation discussion board
  12. Be a guest blogger: write a personal story to share with the RLS community and email it to us
  13. Attend an RLS support group meeting or reach out to a local volunteer
  14. Join the June 17th RLSF Call-a-thon: Call and check in with a friend or family member with RLS
  15. Give the gift of an RLS Foundation membership to family, friends and your physician
  16. Invite a friend or family member to learn more about RLS by attending a Foundation webinar
  17. Become a volunteer Foundation Support Group Leader
  18. Have a great healthcare provider? Let us know, we’ll invite them to join our Healthcare Provider Online Directory.
  19. Sponsor a scholarship membership for someone in need
  20. Buy on AmazonSmile and select the RLS Foundation as your charitable organization. A portion of eligible purchases goes toward finding a #Cure4RLS!
  21. Change your Facebook profile picture to our 25th Year Anniversary logo
  22. Share The Adventures of Patty Pillow or the RLS Teen Guide with a child or teen in your life with RLS
  23. Save 25% on select items in our store during June
  24. Learn more about currently funded research on rls.org as we get closer to finding a cure!
  25. Email one word to info@rls.org and tell us in one word what the Foundation and your support group means to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We will continue to work as hard as we can for you, until there is a #Cure4RLS.

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