Spotlight: Dr. Mauro Manconi

Providing RLS Care in Southern Switzerland Mauro Manconi, MD, PhD, a current member of the Foundation's Scientific and Medical Ad...

Providing RLS Care in Southern Switzerland

Mauro Manconi, MD, PhD, a current member of the Foundation's Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, has devoted much of his career to sleep medicine. In [year here] he partnered with the RLS Foundation as director of the second European RLS Quality Care Center (QCC), the Sleep Center at the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland.

"The fact that an international organization certified [the Neurocenter] is of great satisfaction to us," Manconi said. "It is an important recognition that comes at the end of a long period of clinical and research work by our team... This acknowledgment confirmed that we are on the right track and it further motivated us, but above all it explained to the general administration of our institute the importance of this disease and the need to face RLS with a competent and multidisciplinary team."

Manconi also teaches at the Master School of Medicine at Bern University, the Institute of Communication and Health at the Italian Swiss University of Lugano, as well as at the Professional University School of Italian Switzerland. His research focuses on sleep disorders, specifically sleep-related movement disorders like RLS and PLMS, and he currently serves on the Scientific Board of the European Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group. At the RLS Foundation, Manconi is an active member of the Medical Bulletin Committee.

"The RLS Foundation QCC in Lugano, Switzerland offers individuals with RLS living in Europe a centrally located clinic with access to experts who are specialists in the care and management of individuals with restless legs syndrome," RLS Foundation Executive Director Karla Dzienkowski, RN, BSN, said. "Finding a knowledgeable provider is an important first step leading to symptom control and improved quality of life."

At the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland, RLS patients receive a complete diagnostic pathway that begins with clinical and laboratory assessments, using the most sophisticated neuroimaging and video-polysomnographic instrumental examinations when needed. This allows for the certified RLS healthcare providers to rule out secondary RLS or other diseases that enter differential diagnosis along with RLS. At the Sleep Center, each patient receives an individualized therapy, including the management of other possible internist, neurological or psychiatric comorbidity that are periodically discussed by a local multidisciplinary team.

"The Center is always updated on the latest treatment available, participating in clinical trials and research in order to offer a large spectrum of assistance to our patients," Manconi said.

You can find more information on the Sleep Center at the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland below:

Sleep Center, Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland

Civic Hospital of Lugano

Via Tesserete 46

Lugano, Switzerland 6900

Phone: 0041 (0)91 811 6825

Certified Healthcare Providers:

  • Mauro Manconi, MD, PhD (QCC Director)
  • Sylvia Miano, MD, PhD
  • Stephany Fulda, PhD
  • Pietro-Luca Ratti, MD, PhD

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