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New Support Group Leader in Aiken, South Carolina The Foundation is pleased to welcome Andrew Tershak as the new support group leader ...

New Support Group Leader in Aiken, South Carolina

The Foundation is pleased to welcome Andrew Tershak as the new support group leader in Aiken, South Carolina. Thank you, Andy, and welcome!

I have suffered from RLS issues for over 30 years and was happy to hear about, and be able to attend, the first RLS Foundation patient meeting in St. Louis in 1992. The meeting gave me hope that RLS was becoming a recognized medical problem.

Over the years since then I have strived to be creative in how I handled the day-to-day RLS occurrences, though there have been challenges in nearly every aspect of life. In my professional executive position, symptoms were particularly vexing in meetings, travel and the expected social interactions. Even with an understanding family, daily obligations and social outings like movies, eating-out and neighborhood gatherings, were threatened by restrictions of time and movement. While my professional and social life was impacted by RLS symptoms, sadly the well-meaning physicians and surgeons who treated me did not seem to comprehend the implications of RLS. The hope I found at that first Foundation meeting did not seem to transfer to sufficient medical education for my treating professionals. And, unfortunately, my ability to link up with a support group was limited by distance and time.

Just recently I retired and felt this was the ideal time to put together a support group in the area where I live. By working with others, I hope the group will offer an environment where individual experiences can be shared, community awareness of RLS improved, and the medical community will become involved. Our local medical community includes hospitals and numerous outpatient facilities employing physicians, surgeons, physician assistants, nurses, intensive care and other support personnel.

Taking actions that help RLS sufferers support each other, and spreading the knowledge of RLS to the medical community and the general public, is something I felt necessary when I attended that Foundation meeting in 1992. Now I feel I have the time to contribute to that goal.

Stay up to date with all upcoming RLS Foundation support group meetings on our website or Facebook page. All volunteer support group leaders and contacts are available via phone or email to provide support. Search by city or state to find one near you!

Interested in becoming a volunteer RLS Foundation support group leader? Visit our website to learn more about the role and how to apply!

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