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October 2, 2023 Frequently Asked Questions About RLS Foundation Membership At the RLS Foundation, we appreciate your support through...

October 2, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions About RLS Foundation Membership

At the RLS Foundation, we appreciate your support through membership. All RLS Foundation members can be proud of the part they play in making our mission a reality and reaching our goals to improve treatments and, through research, find a cure. If you have additional questions about membership, email info@rls.org or call (512) 366-9109.

New Membership

Q: What do I receive when I become an RLS Foundation member?

A: When you sign up for an RLS Foundation membership, you will receive a new member packet in the mail (or via email for international members) that includes the most recent edition of NightWalkers; up-to-date publications on the diagnosis, treatment and management of RLS; helpful handouts to carry with you, like the Medical Alert Card and Special Accommodations card for travel; and more! In addition to these benefits, you will gain unlimited access to resources through the online Member Portal, which contains all RLS Foundation publications, webinar recordings and an archive of all NightWalkers issues.

Q: Is there an annual membership fee?

A: The RLS Foundation receives the majority of its funding from membership and individual donations, plus a small portion from grants. RLS Foundation memberships have an annual fee of $40. Over 77% of funds raised go directly toward RLS Foundation programs, including member/patient services, awareness outreach and educational resources developed by medical experts, and funding for the only research grant program dedicated to RLS.

Q: Is my membership fee tax deductible?

A: Yes. Because the RLS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, all contributions – including membership fees and donations – are tax deductible up to the full extent permissible by law. Emails and letters from the Foundation acknowledging your donation serve as gift acknowledgments for tax purposes.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Choose one of three easy ways: 1) Go to www.rls.org/become-a-member to provide your contact information and pay with a credit card; 2) Call us at (512) 366-9109 to provide all information by phone; or 3) Download a new member form at www.rls.org/joinform and mail the completed form along with a check payable in US funds to the RLS Foundation. Memberships take up to 24 business hours to process.

Q: Is financial assistance available?

A: Absolutely. In addition to offering discounted membership specials twice a year, scholarship memberships are available at no cost to those in need. If Foundation membership is outside of your budget, please email us at info@rls.org or call (512) 366-9109 to request a free or discounted scholarship membership.

Membership Renewal

Q: When does my membership renew?

A: All annual memberships renew on September 30, according to our fiscal year. However, regardless of your join date, you will receive four issues of NightWalkers (equivalent to one year’s worth of membership) for the calendar year in which you join.

Q: How can I tell if my membership has expired?

A: There are several ways to check the status of your RLS Foundation membership: 1) View the back of your most recent copy of NightWalkers to locate the expiration date of your membership, printed above your name and address. 2) Go online to our website (www.rls.org), click “Member Login,” enter your username and password and click “Renew Your Membership Here.” You will be routed to a page that lists your membership details, including status. IMPORTANT NOTE: Membership status will only be listed if you are first logged into the website with your user name and password. 3) Give us a call at (512) 366-9109 or email us at info@rls.org. We’re happy to check your record in our system!

Q: How do I renew my membership?

A: Go online to our website at www.rls.org/renew, or click “Member Login,” enter your username and password, then click “Renew Your Membership Here.” You can also renew over the phone by calling (512) 366-9109 or by sending a US check payable to the RLS Foundation. Please be sure to specify “Membership” in the memo section of your check.

Q: I accidentally renewed my membership twice. Can you help?

A: A second transaction through the renewal page will be applied as an additional year of membership. If you prefer to apply this as a donation or to request a refund, please contact us right away at (512) 366-9109.

Member Portal

Q: I purchased a membership. Why can’t I open the online resources?

A: After purchasing an RLS Foundation membership, you must also create an online account to gain access to the Member Portal. Go to www.rls.org/login and click “New User Registration.” You will be asked to create a username and a password.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The password must be at least 12 characters, including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character, and should not include "RLS". Registration requests take up to 24 business hours to be linked to your membership record. We recommend completing this step immediately after purchasing your membership to expedite the process.

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