Advocacy Action Alert: Support Sleep Disorder Research

April 16, 2024 Advocacy Action Alert: Support Sleep Disorder Research Calling all RLS advocates! The United States Congress i...

April 16, 2024

Advocacy Action Alert: Support Sleep Disorder Research

Calling all RLS advocates! The United States Congress is currently working on the annual spending bills for FY 2025. Congressman Adam Schiff is leading an official congressional sign-on letter, asking to prioritize funding for sleep disorders awareness and research. To increase support for this letter, we ask that you reach out to your congressional House representatives today!

Why It’s Important: This letter asks the House Appropriations Committee to address the critical needs of the sleep community. Though there is strong scientific evidence of sleep’s critical role in overall health, the CDC only has a few narrow sleep programs. It is important for the CDC to strengthen this foundation and modernize sleep public health, education, and awareness activities.

Action: Please contact your House representative and ask them to sign a Congressional letter in support of federal research, scientific advancements, and public health efforts – focusing on sleep health and sleep disorders within the Committee Report accompanying House FY 2025 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies (L-HHS) Appropriations Bill. Your representative must sign-on by Monday, April 29th.

How to Participate: Email Matt Duquette ( at the Health and Medicine Counsel to indicate that you are interested in taking action. Be sure to provide your mailing address and zip code to help Matt identify your representative and connect you with the correct staffer. Please copy Adrianna Colucci ( at the RLS Foundation so we can track which offices have been contacted.

Please email the staffer, attach the sign-on letter, and ask for their support. You can use the sample message below to assist with your outreach.

**Sample Message**

Dear [Staffer Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I am a constituent and an advocate for the Restless Legs Syndrome community. I write today to ask that your office please join the community’s FY 2025 appropriations sign-on letter to advance medical research in sleep, circadian, and sleep disorders, and improve public health. I have attached a copy of the letter and its corresponding Dear Colleague to this message and ask that you sign on to this critical letter. To sign on, please complete this form via Quill and please contact Kaitlyn Kelly at with any questions.

[Please briefly share your personal RLS story in 2-3 sentences.]

Thank you for your time and your consideration of this request. I look forward to hearing from you in this regard.





It is important to reach out as soon as possible, to ensure that your congressional offices have time to review and approve the letter. Last year because of our advocacy efforts, the sign-on letter attracted numerous bipartisan supporters and we are hoping to attract even more support this year to demonstrate our growing influence on Capitol Hill and impact on medical research and public health.

Thank you for your support as an advocate! Connect with us and RSVP on our Facebook event page for more information. If you have questions, please email

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